18 headstocks rebuilt in February 2017

I am working at a near  normal pace again after my December accident. But, lots of machines are coming in so I am working 7 days a week to keep up!

18 Headstocks rebuilt in February 2017

Terwilliger, FL, 1981 machine 

Quigley, PA , 1985 machine 

Richardson, SC,  1987 machine 

Hallsell, AR,  1981 machine 

Smith, WA , 1981 machine 

Munson, MN,  1985 machine 

Medina, NJ , 1955 machine 

Beason, NV 1981 machine 

Jensen, MN, 1990 machine 

Juric, MA, 1988 machine 

Fuller, MI, 1986 machine 

Sharashkin, MO, 1981 machine 

Bird,  NY, 1985 machine

Scott, AL, 1986 machine 

Dickson, SC,  1954 machine  

Cartwright, AR, 1992 machine 

Donnelly, TN, 1982 machine 

Shuper, CA, 1980 machine 

4 on hand to rebuild going into March.

See my online store for a nice selection of oils, lubes, waxes, etc to help you repair and maintain your Mark V headstock.

A couple of nice thank you emails from recent repair customers:

Hello Jacob,  

Hope you are well.  I am sending this message on behalf of my husband,  He received the headstock that you returned to him, thank you.  He immediately put it on the machine and began to work with it!  He is very pleased with the work that you did and loves the hum of the motor.

Thank you for your promptness and efficiency, it is much appreciated.  Be well.

I would like to take this time to thank you for the outstanding work you did on my 35 yr old SS.  It’s running the best and quietest since I inherited it from my father almost 20 years ago.  And your turnaround time of a little over a week in spite of recovering from your injuries was fantastic.  I will heed your good advice on maintenance and care and look forward to working with you again in the future.


15 Headstocks rebuilt in January 2017

Due to a recent accident, I have been limiting my work to just 3 to 5 headstocks per week. I am recovering from multiple cracks in my low back, hip and pelvis, and have doctors orders to keep weight off my right leg, so I can’t stand for my normal 3 to 4 hour sessions. I am working just a couple of hours a day currently.

If you have your headstock ready to ship to me, contact me for shipping address.

Headstocks rebuilt in January 2017:

Bowdler, NY, 1980 machine 

Davies, PA, 1987 machine 

Bozyczko #1, NY 1993 machine 

Bozyczko #2, NY converted greenie

Dibble, NY, 1989 machine 

Thorne, AL, 1981 machine 

Stamm, IN, 1970’s machine 

Hankins, KS, 2000 machine 

Dodge, MA, 1981 machine 

Corbett, VA 1993 machine

Whitten, TN, 1982 machine  

Winans, FL, 1979 machine

Olsen, NV, 1981 machine  

Moxley, OH, 1970’s machine 

Flannery, SC, 1982 machine 

4 more on hand to repair, 1 incoming.
Here’s the internal switch on a beautiful Franklin 3/4 hp motor from a greenie Mark V

171 headstocks rebuilt in 2016

I accepted a very limited number of machines in December due first to the holidays and then later because of an accident that left me with a cracked pelvis.

4 Headstocks rebuilt in December 2016

Philipsen, MN, 1981 machine 

Hall, NY, 1982 machine 

Mayfield, TX, 1959 machine 

Waters, IN, 1982 machine 

2 left on hand to be rebuilt, 3 incoming going into the New Year.

Here are some recent thank you emails:

Jacob, Just wanted to get back to you and let you know your videos rock!! Due to them and your email advice I was able to replace my broken part, Control Sheave Assembly, and get my machine up and running smooth. Thank you sooo much! ~Todd


Hi Jacob, I received my headstock today and installed it back  on my machine. Thank you very much for your expertise in bringing this back to life. It was 63 years old when I sent it to you for repair!  Now that it is repaired, it should last at least another 63 years! Thank you again. Marvin


Jacob:  My Shopsmith arrived and is working well.  Thank you for your excellent and timely work! Stuart


Good Morning Jacob! The headstock arrived yesterday afternoon.  I reinstalled it on the frame and started it up – it runs great and, as I had hoped, the speed changer works better than ever.  I guess the original owner didn’t follow your instructions about not trying to change speeds unless running – it makes problems for the quadrant gear.  Thanks for the quick turn-around.  I haven’t had a chance to look at the DVD and trouble-shooting guide yet, but I’ll go through them before I have too many hours runtime. Eric

Here’s a really poor design for a centrifugal switch in an Emerson motor from a recent repair. Fortunately,  few Emersons had this style of switch. It was melted from heat.

16 headstocks rebuilt in November 2016

The month started off slowly, but it picked up.

16 headstocks  rebuilt this month:

Waltz, TN, 1980 machine 

Cline, TX, 1983 machine 

Nelson, WA, 1983 machine 

Parrack, KS,  1982 machine 

Whited, TX, 1984 machine

Rupke, MI, 1982 machine 

Atwell, TX, 2005 machine

Peters, TX, 2001 machine  

McCann, AL, 2003 machine 

Garrison, GA, 1992 machine 

Strand, RI, 1953 machine 

Elborn-Brown, MD 1983 machine

LeBouef, NH, 1978 machine 

Crim, IN, 1983 machine 

Kilpatrick , FL, 1980 machine 

Potter, OK, 1979 machine 

Just 1 remains on hand to rebuild, and none are incoming so it is a great time to send yours in for servicing.

A thank you email from a recent repair customer:

‚ÄčI received my headstock today.  Great service–have installed already and runs great.  Thanks for such professional and quick service—we are lucky to have you available to provide repairs on our shopsmith tools. Thanks again  Doug

Burned up Emerson motor in a 2005 unit

Burned up internal centrifugal switch in a GE roundback motor from a 1982 unit.

11 headstocks rebuilt in October 2016

The weather here is mild still, hopefully a good month for woodworking projects.

11 Headstocks rebuilt in October, 2016:

McDaniel, AL, 1955 machine 

Nawrocki, MI, 1984 machine 

Revetria, CA, 1982 machine 

Kallal, IL, 1980 machine 

Rigler, IA, 1979 machine 

Kosinski, MI, 1960 machine 

Kibbel, IA, 1990 machine 

Prewett, AL, 1983 machine 

LeGrand, NC, 1983 machine 

Beynnon , VT, 1986 machine 

Henderson , TX , 1955 machine 

3 on hand to rebuild and 3 incoming so it is a great time to send yours in for servicing.

The eccentric interface on a 1955 Greenie

Here’s a thank you email from a recent repair parts customer:

Thank you so much for your service and help with that switch on the shopsmith. Your video was great and the change over took minutes. Now things are up and running again. 
Thank you

13 headstocks rebuilt in September, 2016

This month was a little slower.

13 Headstocks rebuilt in September, 2016

Harris, VA, 1992 machine 

Jernigan, FL, 1953 machine 

Simmons, CA, 1954 machine 

Smith, MS, 1979 machine 

Stephenson, NH, 1983 machine 

Souers, IL, 1954 machine 

Bartow,  VA, 1983 machine 

Paradise, CA, 1977 machine 

Beard, MN, 1982 machine 

Clark, NY, 1985 machine 

Long, MA, 1986 machine 

Needham, TX, 1989 machine 

Scharping, MI, 1979 machine 

3 on hand to rebuild and 2 incoming so it is a great time to send yours in for servicing.

Here is a thank you email from a recent repair customer:

Mr. Anderson, headstock back on my shop smith.  Runs great and a lot quieter.  Thanks for getting it back so quickly.  Hope it runs for another 37 years.   Richard

I encounter all sorts of worn out and broken things when I rebuild machines!

2 of the four variations of the gilmer drive sleeve assembly.

18 headstocks rebuilt in August, 2016

This month things were back to a more of a normal pace.

Headstocks rebuilt in August 2016:

Jernigan machine #2, FL, 1984 model

Hankins machine #3, KS, 1985 model

Dunscombe, WA, 2002 machine 

Lustre machine #1, VA, 1979 model

Lustre machine #2, VA, 2002 model

Lustre machine #3, VA, 1982 model

Reeves, OH, mid 1970’s machine

Gifford, NY, 1988 machine 

Cone, MI, 2000 machine 

Pierce, NC, 1981 machine 

Mcguire, IA, 1979 machine 

Millar, MI, 1959 machine

Roach, TX, 1982 machine 

Bagwell, PA, 1979 machine 

Milner, TN, 1988 machine 

Stockton, AR, 1992 machine 

Shapiro, GA, 1992 machine 

Pearson, VA, 1994 machine 

Just one left on hand to rebuild and 3 more incoming this week. Send yours in now!

Travelling customer Lustre brought me 3 machines for servicing!

A well preserved Greenie I recently rebuilt.

Thank you emails from recent customers:

Fedex delivered my headstock late yesterday afternoon. I mounted it this afternoon and tested it by completing the job I had just started when the headstock quit running.

It’s probably as close as I’ll ever come to knowing what a new ShopSmith feels like. Even with a well-used saw blade, the machine purrs like a kitten and runs like a tiger.

In this throwaway world, it’s nice to know that there are a few honest craftsmen left. Thanks for being one of them.


Received my headstock today. Remounted it and gave it a try.  It sounds better than new.
Thanks for the prompt service. Put me on your list of happy customers.
Thanks again.


Hi Jacob,

    I am sending you an email because I want to thank you for the great repair work you did on my shopsmith headstock.  It runs VERY quiet an it works just like new.  After I put it back on the way tubes and turned it on I could not believe how great it ran, I had the desire to saw up every board that I had. 

Thanking you very, very much,