21 headstocks rebuilt in March, 2018

Whew, getting tired. I worked 38 days straight and finally took a few days off. Lots of tasks to do when you are a one man operation!

Headstocks rebuilt in March, 2018

Kruck, FL, 1980 machine

Stolee, MN, 1980 machine

Galles, IA, 1983 machine

Britton, OR, 1988 machine

Haluska, TX, 1995 machine

Selby, NJ, 1981 machine

Driggars, AL, 1956 machine

Dean, TX, 1970’s machine

Simpson, MD, 1981 machine

Gartner, FL, 1970s machine

Torelli, TN, 1980 machine

Air Museum, IN, 1953 machine

Pates, MN, 1956 machine

Hoffman, MN, 1992 machine

Dunham, NJ, 1992 machine

Sohm, MA, 1983 machine

Goodrich, UT, 2001 machine

Stetson, RI, 1988 machine

Stewart, NC, 1979 machine

Jeffers, OH, 1954 machine

Soules, NM, 1991 machine

3 more on hand to repair, plus 4 incoming and 3 locals who want to bring theirs in soon.

Here are some thank you emails from recent customers:

Got it today, put it together and like so many others who have commented, it runs fabulously! Thank You, Thank you, Thank You!

Best wishes, Mike

Hi Jacob,

Headstock arrived back home today – and it runs like a new one!
Thanks so much for your excellent work.

Headstock arrived safely yesterday. Installed it last evening. Runs beautifully. Thank-you so much. – Art

Received my order this afternoon and already installed my new switch. Works as described. I’m thrilled with the switch and the prompt service. Thanks again. John See my online store for parts if you are a talented repair it yourselfer.

16 headstocks rebuilt in February 2018

I took a 2 week vacation late January/early February and have been working daily since my return..

Headstocks rebuilt in Feb 2018:

Burton, NC

Pfarr, CT, 1981 machine

Thompson, NY, 1953 machine

Woodham, VA, 1989 machine

Barnett, VA, 1954 machine

Koile, AZ, 1982 machine

Harbin, PA, 1981 machine

Roper, AL, 1956 machine

Neklason, WA, 1980 machine

Austin, NJ, 1981 machine

Robbs, TN, 1984 machine

Hutchison, NC, 1984 machine

Markley, NH, 1983 machine

Bockius, DE, 1981 machine

Haines, OR, 1990 machine

McAteer, ID, 1985 machine

6 machines on hand and 1 incoming for March repairs.

Here are a few recent thank you emails from customers.

Hi Jacob,

I want to thank you for your prompt delivery of the drive belt. I had a belt on order for a month from Shopsmith. I called them and they said it would take another month to deliver the belt. I canceled the order and ordered it from you. I will be ordering all future parts from you.

Best Regards,

Hi Jacob,

Thank you very much for your efforts with my headstock and for these PDF’s. It has been a pleasure dealing with you; your communications and service have been prompt and professional. I look forward to receiving my headstock (for which I received a shipping notification from FedEx earlier) and getting back to work.
I’ll be sure to recommend you to anyone that asks for Shopsmith service.

Hi Jacob. I received my headstock today and it sounds much better, thank you! George

Thanks, Jacob. I want to compliment you on your communication. So many businesses just don’t do that very well. In terms of keeping communication move timely, you do it as well as anyone I’ve done business with. Very impressive!


I couldn’t operate without my two 12 ton shop presses.

9 headstocks rebuilt in January 2018

I’m taking a 2 week vacation now after a busy winter holiday repair season. My web store is closed as of today (Fri Jan 19) and will reopen Fri Feb 2.

9 Headstocks rebuilt in January 2018:

Graham, TX, 1982 machine

Postlewate, CO, 1980 machine

McDermott, SC, 1981 machine

Szaroleta, CA, 1960 machine

McMillan, IN, 1982 machine

Franklin, HI, 1982 machine

Curtis, TX, 1998 machine

Giacoma, CA, 1959 machine

Lilley, MI, 1955 machine

On vacation now!


6 machines ready to go out in mid January.

A 10″ snowstorm a week ago gave us a beautiful landscape, but caused power outages and slowed down receipt of machines and parts. UPS is still days behind getting shipments to me. Our coastal city is not prepared for storms like this!

Here are a few thank you emails from recent customers.

Thank you very much for the prompt work and communication.

For a SS unit from 1985 it runs like a dream!!

Thanks Chris

Hi Jacob, Just wanted to thank you for your work on my 1957 head stock.

It arrived back home in good shape. It runs quiet, and I can move it through the speed settings with ease.

I’m very happy to have my Grandpa’s old shopsmith up and running. John

I have watched all of your videos – what an amazing gift it has been. I was given an old Mark V and I have refurbished it with much help from you. Thank you, Amy

Hello Jacob. I received my headstock today. Thank you for your service and your prompt turn around. I am impressed with your professionalism and the way you sequence your operation. Happy holidays and I hope the weather allows you to get out for a hike or a bike ride. Thanks again.



Thanks so much, as you can see it has been delivered. I have installed it back on the rails, plugged it in and turned it on then went up in speed and back down a couple of times. I have not made any saw dust yet;-)) The little notes and tape helped I’m sure. It hasn’t sounded so good in about 15 years.

I have a son-in-law that bought one used about like mine and if he ever has problems I’ll send him to you and your videos/webpage.

Thanks again sincerely, Rex

I just received the headstock via FedEx. I have reassembled the shopsmith and have test run it. As you said it was initially stiff but appears to be working well. I slowly increased and decreased motor speed and it worked well at all ranges.
I want to thank you for such wonderful service. I am grateful to have found someone who is professional, as good as their word, always prompt and very responsive. I am looking forward to working with machine. Again, thank you.


Hello Jacob,

Just wanted to send you a quick note to say thanks again for your excellent work on my headstock. The whole machine was cleaned and waxed, headstock put on it and it’s running like new. Ready for Christmas projects!

Sure happy to have found your website.

Keep up the great work! John

My mark v is up and running again. Thank you for your help, and your videos.


13 headstocks rebuilt in December 2017

162 machines rebuilt in 2017!

Happy holidays, everyone. Enjoy your craft and gift making in your workshops. I am working on machines and components all December long if you need repairs, as well as shipping out repair parts, manuals, lubes, tools and videos from my online store.

13 Headstocks rebuilt in December, 2017:

Sedlacek, IA, 1954 machine

Shreading, TX, 1984 machine

Harmon, PA, 1984 machine

Mashburn, CO, 1955 machine

Eckman, CO, 1957 machine

Browning, ID, 1975 machine

Fox, VA, 1984 machine

Woolard, IL, 1984 machine

Haugen, GA, 1979 machine

Affeldt, WI, 1988 machine

Mazari, CA, 1956 machine

Stuart, FL, 1982 machine

Graceffa, IL, 1983 machine

3 on hand to rebuild, and 6 incoming.

Here are some emailed thank you’ s from recent customers:

Thanks Jacob. I want to personally thank you for your service. I just became part of the ShopSmith family with a 30-year old 510 I found locally on craigslist. When I switched it on I can immediately tell it wasn’t running right (making scraping noise, shafts were hot to the touch, speed control difficult to operate). If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t know what to do.

Your videos, and your store, give me the confidence that I can rebuild my new-to-me Mark V headstock to the better than factory condition. I’m really looking forward to tearing the thing apart! Sure, it may be a while before I actually cut a piece of wood, but I’ll enjoy restoring it as much as I would enjoy using it.

Received this am, mounted and checked out without a load. Seems great, looking forward to putting it to use.
Thanks again,Ron
Hi Jacob- just got the Shopsmith back to gather this week, every thing seems to be perfect thanks for the Excellent work…………Robert


Hi Jacob
I just received my head stock back in good shape. I installed it back on the tubes. Sounds great. Before I use it, I’m going to read the manual you sent. Thanks for the prompt service . Dave


Jacob, I have received my headstock, mounted it, oiled it, and it works and runs nicely. Just wanted to thank you for such professional and quality service. If I have any issues in the future I know who to turn to.
thanks, Heath
Hi Jacob
Many thanks for posting your video’s they were great and just what I needed
to repair my 1984 Johnson craft. A Taiwanese copy of a Mark V Shopsmith.
I live in Brisbane Australia. Locally obtained V belt and bearings did the trick.


Jacob: I received my SS Head back in great working order. Thank you ever so much for the great service, advice, and quick turn around time. I will forever be grateful for your service. Sincerely, Daniel
Installed the headstock and tested it. Very quiet. Thanks for a quality job. I wish I had known about you a few years back when I replaced a motor that probably needed only bearings. Thanks again. Bill

The drive sleeve bearings in this headstock disintegrated and chewed up the metal dust guards.

A beautifully preserved brownie machine I recently rebuilt.

15 headstocks rebuilt in November 2017

With the fall chill in the air, woodworkers turn to projects for the home and to gift making for the holidays. It is a perfect time to send your machine or components in to me for service. And remember to look at my web store for some tools, manuals, lubes, to help you with your machine even if it is operating at 100%.

15 Headstocks rebuilt in November 2017:

Davis, SC, 1981 machine 

Pearson, NC, 1981 machine 

Ratley, AZ, 1979 machine 

Heffley, PA, 1982 machine 

Cobb, VA, 1978 machine 

Pepe, NY, 1992 machine 

Sterbenz, NY, 1989 machine 

Solheim, IA, 1982 machine 

Vandenberg, NC, 1979 machine 

Schulte, VA, 1981 machine 

Miller, MO 1981 machine 

Kleinhenz, OH, 1987 machine 

Willingham, VA, 1964 machine 

Morris, TX, 1980 machine 

Cannon, MS, 1983 machine

4 on hand to be rebuilt, and 2 incoming.

Here are a couple of thank you emails from recent repair customers:

Hi Jacob, The headstock arrived today, and of course, I had to try it out.  I waxed up the way tubes and put it back together.  Powered it up and ran through the speeds.  Wow!  What a difference!  Am really looking forward to starting some home repair, without letting the entire neighborhood hear the machine running at full squeal.

Hope you are doing well.    Thanks again for the great service! Best regards, Ward

Mr. Anderson,I was finally able to fire up the Shopsmith you repaired for me this past weekend. It works like a charm! Thank you for your service and attention to detail in the repair.  Eric

Here is a thank you email from a recent parts customer:

  Received the order. Great turn around and service !

Thank you ,Joe

Damage to the headstock casting caused by a drop onto the quill shaft. In this case, caused by poor packing. But, it could also happen at home if the headstock slips while in drill press mode.

A recent repair, painted at customer request. Looks a lot better now.

10 years, 1,500 headstocks rebuilt

This month marks a milestone for me. I have been specializing in Shopsmith Mark V headstock repairs for 10 full years now. In that time, I have rebuilt over 1,500 machines in addition to doing component repairs, motor rebuilds, and parts sales for do it yourselfers.

I have rebuilt machines for customers in all 50 states, DC, and 3 foreign countries.

In these 10 years, I have published my troubleshooting guide, 3 repair dvds, 48 YouTube short repair related videos and this website. Two years ago I moved away from eBay sales and created my own parts store, now with over 80 items for sale.

Thank you to the thousands of customers over these years, some travelling to bring me their machines. It has been a pleasure to help you enjoy your woodworking more with a properly operating headstock. I have learned a ton and still see things I have never encountered so that keeps it interesting.

12 headstocks rebuilt in October 2017

Not bad for an unusual month. At the beginning of the month I was in the hospital for 2 days which I have recovered from, and midmonth I was on a preplanned trip for a week.

12 headstocks rebuilt in October 2017:

Chedester, IA, 1982 machine 

May, MS, 1985 machine 

Carpenter, TX, 1984 machine 

Bartholomew, FL, 1985 machine 

Schattle, TX, 1987 machine 

Thomas, OK, 1985 machine 

Carlson, FL 1984 machine 

Bell, VA 1981 machine #1 

Kelbel, MD, 1982 machine 

Bell, VA, 1982 machine #2

Buckley, MI, 1990 machine 

Haverty,  IN, 1978 machine 

4 on hand to be rebuilt, 1 incoming.

Here’s a thank you email from a customer who sent me his components for inspection and repair and followed my videos to do the disassembly and reassembly himself:

Jacob, thanks for the links.  My Shopsmith is all together, and runs nicely and relatively quietly.  Your instructions are clear and makes it relatively easy to disassemble, put back together and adjust.  Tips like taking the unit off the rails easily, setting the speed dial, adjusting the belt eccentric, and lubricating properly are appreciated.  I will get more use out of my unit now and I am not afraid to take it apart if something else needs repair. 


One version of the greenie’s drive sleeve. There were 5. Only 3 variations used on all the poly v systems.

13 headstocks rebuilt in September 2017

The month started off slow, but got pretty busy the second half. Then I had a health crisis! Oh boy.

 Headstocks rebuilt in September 2017:

Schadle, OH, 1981 machine

Haste, OH, 1963 machine 

Nates, SC, 1982 machine 

Gammon, GA, 1984 machine 

Surowka, PA, 1985 machine 

Prahl, NV, 1983 machine 

Phipps, AZ, 1989 machine 

Ehrler, CA ,1954 machine 

French, NY, 1980 machine 

Herrmann, IN, 1955 machine 

Hering, AL, 1962 machine 

Adams, TX, 2000 machine

Walters, NV, 1954 machine 

5 more on hand for repair, 1 incoming.

Here are some thank you emails from recent repair customers:

Jacob, The headstock was on the front porch when we got home yesterday.

I installed it this morning and ran it through the speed range a couple of times. Quill feed, rail locks, engine speed, all excellent as well as quiet and smooth. Great job and thanks. Cheers, Randy 

My headstock arrived this afternoon. It looks great and runs great. Thanks so much for your tender loving care of these machines.  Glenn 

Hi Jacob. I’m a former Shopsmith customer service rep/factory worker (1980’s), and a MarkV 500/all-the-attachments owner. I just found your site and it is GREAT! Thanks for the work that you do, and if I need anything I know where to go, and where to send my friends. Jim

Repainted a 1954 greenie machine while rebuilding it, at customer request. Looks beautiful now.

Recent repair which had it’s casting cracked in 2 places at the drive sleeve area, caused by using boxes too small, and packing it with the quill shaft down. I have seen this happen a few times. Read my packing instructions carefully to avoid such problems.

Here’s a feedback comment a customer recently left on my credit card processor, Square.

12 headstocks rebuilt in August 2017

I was closed the first 2 weeks of August for my summer vacation yet still did a good number of machines.

Headstocks rebuilt this month:

Hatjioannou, NC, 1955 machine

Alford, TX, 1959 machine 

Cobb, AL, 1978 machine 

Ballard, MA, 1954 machine 

Young, VA, 1986 machine 

Lentz, KY, 1983 machine 

Bushey , AL, 1955 machine 

Mitchell, TX, 1954 machine 

Miller, IA, 1984 machine 

McCall, GA, 1984 machine 

Mote, AZ, 1991 machine 

Nichols, KY, 1999 machine 

3 other machines on hand for service, none incoming so it is a good time to send yours in for service.

Here are a few thank you emails received from recent repair customers:

Jacob I have been in business as well for 38 years! You are one of the best and most organized people I have ever done business with.  Thank you


The headstock was at our front door when we returned home on Wednesday. It was reinstalled yesterday and everything seems to be just great.

Thank you.


Hey Jacob: just fired up the shopsmith!
Works great!! Thanks for your help!!  Greg

Hey Jacob,
I received my mark v yesterday. Took it to my shop and mounted it . When I turned it on I just stood there and smiled. It runs as smooth as my Subaru! Great job! Can’t wait to get into a project with it! Thanks for getting it done so quickly.
Awesome job!
Thanks again.


Jacob,  I just wanted you to know how pleased I am with my rebuilt headstock.  It was a pleasure during business with you.  It’s pretty amazing how you run your business so efficiently, very organized very honest and your work is top quality and extremely quick turn around time.  Thanks again.



 Just wanted to let you know I received my headstock yesterday. 

Thank you for your fast turn around and great work.


A headstock painted in silver and dark gray at customer’s request. Pretty snazzy.

This unusual motor has a single bearing and a rear bushing bearing with an oiler spout for that bushing. This is the first time I have ever seen this in dealing with over 1,500 headstocks. From a 1950s machine.

Here is an anniversary model Mark V repainted in its traditional colors.

16 headstocks rebuilt in July, 2017

Vacation warning: I am taking off the first 2 weeks of August.

16 Headstocks rebuilt in July, 2017:

Spry, IN, 1980 machine

Trautmann, IN, 1984 machine 

Johnson, NE, 1994 machine 

Imburg, VA, 1982 machine 

Parrish, NC, 1998 machine

Mancil, TX, 1956 machine

Thomson, CA, 1980 machine  

Naiser, KY, 1982 machine 

Hall, NC, 1982 machine

Perry, MI, 1988 machine  

Smith, MI, 1956 machine 

Goldsmith, KS, 1984 machine 

Jacobs, TX, 1962 machine 

Soules, NM, 1991 machine 

Spencer, IN, 1956 machine 

Price, CT, 1960 machine

This is all the machines I am doing before my August vacation. None left on hand, none incoming. I will accept more machines mid August.

A few thank you emails from recent repair customers:

Jacob, A quick note to let you know that I received my headstock yesterday in fine
shape.  It has since been remounted on the machine tubes for a brief
tryout.  All I can say is WOW !!!  I feel as though I have a new
machine.  Thanx for all you have done.

Jacob, I just wanted to let you know I received the headstock today and justwant to thank you for quick turn time and ease of doing business.  Thanks

I have received everything, and the machine is running very well. I did not know that it was so quiet! Thanks. Warren