May 2018

I am again only accepting 15 machines max to be rebuilt in May. Nine slots have been reserved already. Get your spot today by paying a $50 deposit in my web store. Click here

10 Headstocks rebuilt so far in May, 2018

Canfield, FL, 1981 machine

Haag, N.Y., 1954 machine

Kreuser, WI, 1982 machine

Hill, TX, 1984 machine

Cope, FL, 1984 machine

Armistead, TX, 1986 machine

Bajnai, VA, 1955 machine

Halterman, AZ, 1997 machine

Cancilla, NY, 1981 machine

Strange, TX, 1970’s machine

None on hand to be rebuilt, but 3 incoming, send yours to me now.

Here are some thank you emails from recent repair customers:

I put the shopsmith to work this weekend. works great. thanks again.



I received my headstock yesterday, and ran it briefly. I plan on putting to work next week. The unit was quiet and the quill return is much better.



Hi Jacob,
The headstock arrived yesterday and I installed it today. It runs wonderfully. Thanks for your efforts!


Received the Mark 5 head yesterday evening. Put it on this morning and it sounds good.Much better than before. Thank you for your service. Tom


Jacob: I received my headstock from Fed Ex in apparently good conditionand re-mounted it. It sounds much quieter and seems to
have a little extra rpm. Thanks for your work and your service. I

am quite pleased! Rick

I always keep a large inventory of the bearings and belts needed for Mark V headstocks.