29 headstocks rebuilt so far in July, 2016

It has been a very busy month, this is a new record for me doing this many in a month.

 Headstocks rebuilt so far in July:

Howison, GA , 1991 machine 

Townsend, GA, mid 1970’s machine

Solis, CA, 1986 machine 

Bacon, GA, early 1980’s machine 

Hughes, PA, 1990 machine 

Demme, NY, 1981 machine

Johnson, NY,  1954 machine 

Pueppke, NE, 1980 machine 

Stokke, SD, 1980 machine 

Sefczek, VA, 1985 machine 

Dodge, CT, 1990 machine 

Archer, TX, 1990 machine 

Vanderheyden, CA, 1987 machine 

Merriner, VA, 1985 machine 

Jernigan, FL, 1983 machine 

Mueller, CT, 1970’s machine 

Deweese, VT, 1979 machine 

Boone, WI, 1956 machine 

Skinner, TX, 1953 machine 

Douglas, AZ, 1981 machine 

Moore, NC, 1958 machine 

Crevis, GA, 1986 machine 

Snyder, GA, 1980 machine 

Casper, VA, 1982 machine 

Kelly, VA, 1984 machine 

Ruehs, WI, mid 70’s machine 

Schiela, NY, 1962 and 1982 machines

Welteroth, VA, 1981 machine 

4 on hand to rebuild, and 2 more incoming.

Here’s a thank you email from a recent customer:

Jacob – I received my headstock yesterday.After over 40 years of making projects from pen sets to clocks, I forgot how quiet and good my Mark V ran. It is like new.The repair charge was extremely fair and the turn-around was very quick.Thank you Jacob for a great job.    Frank

My work over the Independence Day holiday weekend: 5 machines ready to go out.

Here’s a gilmer drive sleeve without a clutch. Some owners erroneously think all of them had a clutch. From a 1954 unit.

Another batch of 5 rebuilt headstocks heading to their homes.

Back from my summer vacation and ready to work!

As previously announced, my shop was closed for 2 weeks mid- June for a summer vacation.

I am now back home and tired from so much fun but ready to work. The webstore is also open again.

Already 6 machines received in the past three days, and 7 incoming to work on.

3 machines were rebuilt in early June before my vacation:

Croft, TX, 1956 machine
Wentworth, CA, 1982 machine
Casper, VA, 1983 machine


11 headstocks rebuilt in May, 2016

Bishop, VA, 1984 machine
Segelstrom, PA, 1996 machine
Stevenson, SC, 1980 machine
Motor for Neuhart,
Eads, WV, 1993 machine
LeGrand, MS, 1983 machine
Affeldt, WI, 1983 machine
Stowe, VA, 1984 machine
Bochenek, IN, 1990 machine
Wozniak, MI, 1979 machine
Lyall, CT, 1989 machine
Carter, NH, 1984 machine

None left on hand to rebuild. Perfect time to ship your headstock to me for repairs.

Fair warning: I am on vacation for 2 weeks in mid June. Headstocks or components need to be received by June 3 so I have time to complete them prior to going out of town.

Before and after painting a recent headstock.




Most machines need 3 or 4 bearings replaced plus both belts and the on/off switch. Older or abused machines may need more. But all machines are worth rebuilding.

6 headstocks rebuilt in April, 2016

Wow, April was more than a little bit slow, so it is a perfect time for you to send in your headstock or components for service.

Headstocks rebuilt in April, 2016:

Reichmann, FL, 1993 machine
Saurman, NC, 1985 machine
Sayler, GA, 1983 machine
Pattee, IN, 1982 machine
Roberts, FL, 1980 machine
Hogan, CA, 1984 machine

Luckily, I had a bunch of do it yourselfers who sent in their components for servicing, and sold a boatload of parts, videos, manuals, etc.

A thank you email from a recent repair customer:
“Jacob, I thank you for the work that you do, your attention to details, and the promptness of the turn around. It was indeed a pleasure to work and correspond with you. Kenneth ”

Haha! Sometimes I’m this grubby after working on headstocks.

18 headstocks rebuilt in March, 2016

The weather is moderating, so it won’t be long until you are out in your shop working on many spring projects. Send in your headstock now for servicing, so it is ready for those projects.

Pearson, PA, 1979 machine
Barnard, WA, 1980 machine
Standish, CT, 1954 machine
St Denis, CA, mid 1970’s machine
Goryl, TN, 1988 machine
Plocar, VA, 1985 machine
Goran, NY, 1986 machine
Heisler, SC, 1982 machine
Trinkle, MS, 1985 machine
McDaniel, NY, 1984 machine
Starbuck machine #2, KY, 1984 machine
Dripps, IL, 1984 machine
Hoffman, MI, 1981 machine
McCool, GA, 2002 machine
Hankins, unit #2, KS, 1983 machine
Mellen, KS , 1990 machine
Walcker, MN, 1956 machine
Vogelsinger, NC, 19 70’s machine

2 on hand to rebuild and 1 incoming. Get yours in now.

A thank you email from a recent customer:
“The headstock arrived on Friday.  I was able to hook it up and it works fantastic.  I didn’t realize how “out of tune” it was until I turned it on and noticed that everything is a lot tighter and there is more power.  I appreciate your adding the additional cord length.  It fits my work room perfectly.  Thank you again!” John

A good attempt to fix a lethal casting break, but not good enough. A break in this area needs a replacement casting. Photo from a recent headstock sent to me.


19 headstocks rebuilt in February, 2016

Greene, GA, 1979 machine
Ippoliti, FL, 1982 machine
Rotondi, NJ, 1989 machine
Hamilton, NY, 1983 machine
Harrison, IL, 1988 machine
Buchs, WI, 1979 machine
Piper, GA, 1955 machine
Lehman, NC, 1984 machine
Beyus, NJ, 1981 machine
Palmiter, MI, 1981 machine
Walker, MD, 1954 machine
Mendez, CA, 1989 machine
Dodge, MA, 1981 machine
Welin, FL, 1981 machine
Janousek, VA, 1954 machine
Brown, MI, 1983 machine
Starbuck, KY, 1979 machine
Jones, CA, 1982 machine
Uptain, CA, 1960 machine

2 on hand to rebuild and 1 more incoming this week.

Here’s a thank you email from one of my recent repair customers:

“Hi Jacob. My headstock arrived home today. And of course I was eager to try it out. Thank you so much. It is like a new machine! You do great work and revived a great old machine. Thank you!”

And another from the customers above:

“Hi Jacob, My headstock arrived yesterday in fine shape. It runs beautifully!
Thank you for such excellent service! Doug”

This week, 3 customers requested longer electrical cords for their machines. Be sure to use the correct gauge, grounded and suitable for outdoor use cord.


My shop was so cold this week, despite heat, I used these mechanics’ gloves for the first time in 9 years.


I had a close call in my shop wiring recently. Melted outlet. I don’t know if it was defective, or if the connecting wire slipped out some.


21 headstocks rebuilt in January, 2016

Hopefully amongst your resolutions for 2016 is to do more woodworking! Get your machine working like a top, send it in now before it gets super busy, or order repair parts and do it yourself.

Davis, OR, 1990 machine
Hutcheson, NC, 1980 machine
Keelean, MI, 1992 machine
Strunk, VA, 1986 machine
Fox, TN, 1983 machine
Schiffer, TX, 1980 machine
Lawhon, NC, 1982 machine
Beatty, FL, 1985 machine
Smith, MO, 1985 machine
McPhetridge, CA, 2004 machine
Pritcher , SC, 1984 machine
Klevmyr, CA, 1985 machine
Dolson, TX, 1962 machine
Schanche, GA, 1959 machine
Hankins, KS, 1987 machine
Halbadier, NV, 1985 machine
McEntee, NJ, 1984 machine
Reay, WI, 1981 machine
Capeling, MI, 1957 machine
Roberts, NC, 1983 machine
Cleaver, VA, 1983 machine

2 more on hand ready to rebuild.

Feedback from 2 recent customers:

“Thanks for the work and thanks for getting it done so quickly.   I hadn’t had time to do much but inspect to make sure no damage from shipping and today I got home from work a little earlier than normal, so I mounted the headstock and turned it on.    Wow, it sounds like my brothers machine (he purchased his new) so I am really happy with that.” Roy

“My experience has been incredible both in 2011 and in 2016. I took my Shopsmith to Jacob in an unusable condition and watched his mechanical genius at work. Back to new in 3 hours. He had on hand all parts needed and had me back in business the next day. You can’t go wrong. Roger”

Example of damage to both the control sheave and the quadrant from continuing to use the machine after a control sheave bearing failure, despite what had to be horrendous metal on metal screeching noise.


Badly worn and damaged poly v belt from a recent repair, caused by idler shaft misalignment.