Send in your quill, drive sleeve, speed control, motor or other components for evaluation, repair, new bearings, trade in, etc. Price varies by item.
Component repair service
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After years of experience working with virtually all Shopsmith tools and equipment, I am releasing a series of repair videos to walk you through the process with each of the major pieces.
DVD & VHS videos on repairing
your own Shopsmith equipment
Have your headstock completely disassembled, inspected component by component, cleaned, and rebuilt with all necessary repairs and parts. It is lubed, calibrated, tensioned and tested and will perform like fresh from the factory. See my current ebay ads for pricing and policies. See my Facebook Fanpage for day to day activity blog, curiosity photos and other interesting info.
Headstock repair or tuneup service

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Drop off service available
For locals or visiting out of towners, it is perfectly fine to bring me your headstock or any other Shopsmith items for repair, cleaning or tuneup. Schedule ahead of time and you can watch if you want!