Warning! Shop and web store closed Dec 9-26

If you want your headstock serviced, time is running short to get it to me. Currently, you should have it to me within the next few days so that I have time to get it back out before I leave town. I can only accept a certain number and approval will be on a case by case basis as we get close to the cutoff date (depending on urgency, distance away, etc). Of course, local customers or those driving to me will have extra time to get them to me. All machines will be sent out before I go, I don’t want any backlog on hand when I leave.

I will be closing the web store Dec 10 to 20 or so to prevent lengthy delays in shipping items out to buyers.

13 headstocks rebuilt in November, 2015

November had a quiet start and finish here! Be ready for last minute craft projects and gift making. Send in your headstock now. See my page for details on how to ship it economically yet securely. I have a typical one week turnaround.

Headstocks rebuilt in November:

Upton, GA, 1983 machine
Hasel, OH, 1956 machine
Rodriguez, VA, 1993 machine
Harry, NC, 1993 machine
Davis, VA, 1981 machine
Robbins, AL, 1981 machine
Bonzek, VA, 1977 machine
Stout, PA, 1990 machine
Moorehouse, MA, 1985 machine
Gilsdorf, NE, 1957 machine
Marshall, MN, 1985 machine
Annis, MD, 1984 machine
Proehl, CO, 1985 machine

No more machines on hand to repair. One on the way. I could be working on yours next. Send yours in now!

Dust kills bearings, motors, and gunks up your sheaves, preventing them from moving well. Worse, dust gets in your lungs and can kill you, too. Use source dust collection for your health and your machine’s longevity.


Here’s a disintegrated bearing from a motor in a recent repair.


Here’s a destroyed control sheave from a recent repair.


15 headstocks rebuilt in October, 2015

Urback, WA, 1986 machine
Shelton, TN, 1979 machine
Dodge, MA, 1995 machine
Carlson, MN, 1985 machine
Klinger, PA, 1979 machine
Losey #2, GA, 1956 machine
McCall, WY, 1958 machine
Shea/Zambrano, IL, 1985 machine
Edwards, VA, 1981 machine
French, MN, 1989 machine
Smail, IL, 1983 machine
Loper, FL, 1984 machine
Holtmeier, CO, 1984 machine
Sherman, CA, late 1970’s machine
Tollefson, TX, 1956 machine

2 other machines on hand to rebuild. Get yours in now so you are ready for your fall and winter projects.

A “thank you” email from a recent repair:
I just mounted my headstock. Sounds better than ever. Great job. John


A recent greenie machine repair, painted at customer request.


A recent repair, painted by the customer with appliance paint. Not bad looking!

18 headstocks rebuilt in September, 2015

Wagner, SD, mid-1960’s machine
Scott, PA, 1983 machine
Allen, GA, 1980 machine
Ventresca, PA 2005 machine
Sheets, OK, 1979 machine
Daly, TX, 1982 machine
Bawcom, VA, 1981 machine
Freeman, LA, ’80s machine
Weber, NH, 1982 machine
Leroy, PA, 1982 machine
Anderson, MD, 1995 machine
Antolik, OH, 1984 machine
Dodge, MA, 1981 machine
Underwood, GA, 1980 machine
Stoltz, CO, late 19 70’s machine
Ketteridge, WA, 1981 machine
Forbes, CA, 1955 machine
Ryan, MA, 1956 machine

5 more on hand to fix; 3 on the way here, send yours in now.


Some previous owner made a creative attempt to repair 2 broken ears in the casting behind the speed control on this recent repair. But, the casting was also badly broken at the idler shaft interface so I replaced the casting.


My belt inventory. Most machines need belts either due to wear, damage or simply from age degradation.

16 headstocks rebuilt in August, 2015

Weinley, IN, 1970’s machine
Greene, IL , late 1970’s machine
Losey, GA, 1982 machine
Holscher, GA, 1979 machine
Martinez, TX, 1983 machine
Turner, PA, 2001 machine
Gosling, OR, 1981 machine
Grogan, PA, 1981 machine
Singleton, GA, 1992 machine
Stetson, CT, 1991 machine
Scanlin, MI, 1990 machine
Motor work for Bunch, NC
Allen, OK 1990’s partial unit
Salyer, VA, 1982 machine
Schimelpfening, TX, 1987 machine
Stambaugh, PA, 1991 machine
Cox, VA, 1990 machine


Inner workings of the clutch in one style of Greenie drive sleeve. Greenies had 3 variations of the drive sleeve, and there were 2 in poly v drive machines.


A finished project photo from a recent customer. Such beautiful work, I am glad I could help this craftsman keep working on such fine projects.