September headstocks

Wagner, SD, mid-1960’s machine

2 more on hand to fix


Some previous owner made a creative attempt to repair 2 broken ears in the casting behind the speed control on this recent repair. But, the casting was also badly broken at the idler shaft interface so I replaced the casting.

16 headstocks rebuilt in August, 2015

Weinley, IN, 1970’s machine
Greene, IL , late 1970’s machine
Losey, GA, 1982 machine
Holscher, GA, 1979 machine
Martinez, TX, 1983 machine
Turner, PA, 2001 machine
Gosling, OR, 1981 machine
Grogan, PA, 1981 machine
Singleton, GA, 1992 machine
Stetson, CT, 1991 machine
Scanlin, MI, 1990 machine
Motor work for Bunch, NC
Allen, OK 1990’s partial unit
Salyer, VA, 1982 machine
Schimelpfening, TX, 1987 machine
Stambaugh, PA, 1991 machine
Cox, VA, 1990 machine


Inner workings of the clutch in one style of Greenie drive sleeve. Greenies had 3 variations of the drive sleeve, and there were 2 in poly v drive machines.


A finished project photo from a recent customer. Such beautiful work, I am glad I could help this craftsman keep working on such fine projects.

12 Headstocks rebuilt in June 2015

Lutz, IN, 1987 machine
Maas, MN, 1991 machine
Turner, SC, 1985 machine (drove up for the repair!)
Clarke, CO, 1960 machine
Vosburg, MD, 1987 machine
Koltunowicz, MI, 1982 machine
Kerr, NE, 1981 machine
Fletcher, LA, 1983 machine
Sabreen, CT, 1955 machine
Munson, VA, 1959 machine
Myers, NJ, 1956 machine
Brown, NH, 1985 machine


An example of a badly worn drive belt in a recent repair. It was only about 1/4 as wide as it should have been, and prevented the machine from having proper speeds. When they get narrow, they can get bound up the the sheave and stop the motor from turning, which can quickly burn up a motor.

18 Headstocks rebuilt in May, 2015

Sheetz, OR, 1959 machine
Components for Supernavage, NC
Batt, MA, 1980 machine
Watson, FL 1980 machine
Kirks, TX, 1957 machine
Eyler, SC, 1981 machine
Tacito, MA, 1985 machine
Janeczko, NJ, 1986 machine
Harvey, KS, 1960 machine
Long, VA, 1955 machine
Selley, KS, 1954 machine
Moreno, CA, 1996 machine
LaGanga, CT, 1954 machine
Rosier, OK, 1981 machine
Good, TX, late ’70’s machine
Strahorn, FL, 1985 machine
Olson, OK, 1982 machine
Wayne, CO, 1962 machine
Wiggins, LA, early 1980’s machine


This brownie was repainted while in for repairs.


Parts replaced in a recent 1980’s machine


Once every couple of months I replace a fried motor. Here is a recent example.

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12 Headstocks rebuilt in April, 2015

Simmons, VA, 1979 machine.
Thoene, OH, 2000 machine
Snow, AZ, 1980 machine
Vermette, NY, 1980 machine
Kelley, NH, 1956 machine
Marshak, VA, 1980 machine.
LaPorte, TX, 1984 machine
Smith, OH, 1970’s machine
Swart, FL, 1956 machine
Dean, WA, 1991 machine
Curtice, WA, 1981 machine
Wayne, CO, 1956 machine


The typical machine needs both belts, quill bearing, drive sleeve bearings, and switch replaced.