Special offer

Free return shipping for the next 5 machines. Must be new customers, shipped after today, received by November 1. Return shipping will be the usual Fedex ground service and only cover a headstock (no extras or heavy addons). Shipping only for the continental US serviced by Fedex ground.

November update: the 5 lucky customers who got free return shipping were:
Savage, TX
Vincent, NC
Bell, NY
Sampson, CA and
Shaw, MD

Total savings $215 for them.

Important reminder, shop closed Oct 8 -18, 2014

Just a reminder that I will not be accepting headstocks for repair between Oct 8 and 18th 2014 so please do not ship any to arrive during that period.

Also, there may be delay in my responding to your calls, emails or messages so please be patient.

(I do have a housesitter just in case someone failed to see the warning I posted a month ago and shipped their headstock in.)

16 years on eBay now

I joined eBay at the urging of my best friend, but didn’t really start buying and selling until 2001 after inheriting my father’s Shopsmith. But eBay did change my life by allowing me to create my own “mail order” business. All my life I wanted to work for myself, and eBay allowed me to find my niche. Thank you, eBay!